Check in 8:30 AM

Arrive to the Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge starting point in Las Horquetas, Sarapiquí, Heredia.

You will change at this point into your adventure clothes, rubber boots (available at the starting point) and light backpack.

We have a parking lot and a storage area.


Start of the Journey 8:45 - 9 AM

You will start your half a day journey into the depths of the tropical rainforest.

- Horseback riding + hiking (Recommended)
$25 / per way / per person

- Tractor and cart + hiking 

$200 / per way / divided by the number of people


Arrival at the lodge around 2 PM

Once you finish your extreme adventure into Rara Avis, you will be greeted by our staff and will be able to share a nice Costa Rican meal, get fresh water, tea and coffee.


Settling into your room 3 PM

After lunch, you will settle into your room and will be able to shower, rest, read some of the books from our book exchange library, go explore the property or do a hike. If it´s sunny you might want to go explore one of the 2 waterfalls nearby. 


Dinner time 7 PM (can vary)

Our comedor or diner, is one of the only buildings in the property with electricity at night time. You will be able to charge your electronic devices and have a relaxing dinner in our family style tables. You can also do some research with the help of our scientific library, on the species you encountered during the day


The night before check out

Pack your bags in advance and make sure to have a good dinner and a good night sleep. The trip is an adventure! 


Breakfast 6 or 7 AM
Make sure to have a good breakfast,  to drink lots of liquids and of course to have a good laugh! 


Departure 7 or 8 AM

The adventure starts again! You will hike down to El Plastico (A historical old prison) where you´ll either take the tractor or the horses down to Las Horquetas


Arrival to Las Horquetas around 12 PM

You have made it! The rainforest has resourced you and now it´s time to start another adventure! 


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