Rara Avis is one of the first ecolodges to have been created in the world! The project started in 1983 when biologist Amos Bien was working at a biological station in the Sarapiquí region of Costa Rica.

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Every day when working in the field, he would hear the constant sound of chainsaws cutting down the rainforest. He would ask his colleagues and mentors about who was cutting the rainforest. They would respond that it was big corporations. As a good scientist (and against every advise he had been given) he decided one day to follow the sound and speak directly to the source. He encountered a group of small farmers with few possessions but big dreams: they wanted to clear the land in order to become rich cattle ranchers. 


Mr. Bien decided to help them out, and did some calculations about how much it would cost them to fulfill their dream. He realized it would cost them more than they could afford and therefore that their dream was almost impossible to achieve without financing (very rare at the time). 


How to save the rainforest, give these people tools and skills to have a better life, while saving the rainforest? Rara Avis and modern ecotourism were born.


Mr. Bien gathered a group of hard working locals and foreign dreamers and started the project. He was able to get funding from numerous people that believed in the project and in saving the tropical rainforest. 

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Free car parking at the Horquetas Meeting point
419 Hectares of rainforest

2 waterfalls accessible for swimming and 6 other waterfalls in the property 

No electricity for tech detox

Numerous books and hot beverages