Virgin jungle far from any town, it rains a lot and there is a lot of mud. The slippery trails can be rough for people who have difficulty walking or who have poor balance, although we have had happy visitors from 1 to 86 years old in good physical condition. The tropical forest is spectacularly beautiful, and we have seen 367 species of birds, as well as jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, and much more on our large and untouched piece of rainforest. Extraordinarily peaceful.


We have an extensive series of trails through untouched virgin forest, ranging from moderate to difficult. All trails have muddy and uneven footing. You may hike accompanied by one of our staff naturalists who will help you see and understand the complex, incredibly diverse life of the jungle. An introductory walk is usually offered every afternoon. Each morning, a guided nature walk takes you through the forest. You’ll learn about birds and wildlife along the trails; you’ll learn about rainforest, not just the names of things.

Also, you can ask your guide for a short night hike after dinner; this is great to see frogs and other animals or insects usually hidden during the day.


We provide all meals per day in a healthy country  Costa Rican style as part of our basic charge. The meals consist of chicken or meat (optional), rice, black beans, salad, fresh fruit beverage and vegetables. Special menu requests will be honored within reason if we are given advance notice. Coffee or tea are available anytime in the dining room area. All meals are family style, so you will have the opportunity to share experiences with other people from around the world and even make new friends there!


If you would like to spend a longer time in a remote rainforest area interacting with our visitors and staff, learning more about the flora and fauna and having an unforgettable experience Rara Avis often needs volunteers for our guide program or research and conservation projects. We offer room and board for suitable candidates willing to commit at least three months of their time and energy to Rara Avis. If you are interested, please send us an email with a brief description of yourself, your background and experience and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


As we share the same topography and geography as the neighboring Braulio Carrillo National Park Rara Avis reserve is blessed with several streams and waterfalls of different sizes distributed within our property. Right next to the dining hall, you may be able to swim in large crystalline pools at the base of a stunning double waterfall, or if you have the time, we highly recommend you hike the Platanilla trail ----Link to map of trails---- to experience the wonders of nature, having a packed lunch and swimming at a beautiful cascade.


We are part of a single contiguous expanse of over 1000 square kilometers of forest. Wild animals can hide from people when they have a large territory, but diversity of the plant and animal life in Rara Avis is stunning and many species have been found at the reserve including sun bitterns, snowcaps, umbrella-birds, great green macaws, parrots, toucans, snakes and lizards. There is a good chance to spot the tracks of jungle cats and even see tapirs, monkeys, anteaters, or coatimundis if you walk silently through the forest. The treetops are festooned with vines, lianas, bromeliads, and orchids, and there are more kinds of plants, birds, and butterflies in our reserve than in all of Europe.